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    For just one of my two accounts, when I compose an email the body text font is DIFFERENT than the rest of the email and versamail inbox, outbox, etc..

    If I change the font under "Preference->display" it changes all fonts, except for the body text of any emails I compose!?

    Anyone else seeing this problem? Did I miss where you set the fonts of different parts of an email?
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    You have to set the font in each section individually. Meaning:

    in list view and while reading the message, got the options-preferences->General->display.

    in reply, option->font. Unfortunately, there's some sort of bug, that Gill San MT size 6 doesn't work, it's the same size as 12 points.

    I can't figure out why Palm insisting choosing such large font. No offense to the visually impairs, but with such high resolution and not using it is like reading a book thru a pinhole.
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    I'm not so sure about this. The font change used to work fine for me just fine. The 6 point font was small and allowed me to view a lot more data in emails. Now, I'm having the same problem you guys describe when I select the font 6 it shows the preview below as the same size as 12 point. My guess is there is an app or utility that is causing this because it didn't used to be a problem for me...

    Also, the font change in prefs applies to both the main screen and the messages at the same time. There is no option to change them independently.

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