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    I have a land phone on my desk and I forward to my cell, t650. I have been receivng calls all day on land line. 90% of calls not coming into treo. not even into the missed calls. nothing. I know it is not sprint other cell phone works when forwarded.
    any ideas?

    also, having problem when swiching to other caller, cannot get the originaler caller back on the line. hangs up on them when changing callers?
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    On the hanging up callers thing...
    What happens with my Samsung is it will disconnect them when you try to come back. Just hang up on the second caller and wait. In about 5 seconds your phone will ring again with the other caller. Then just answer the incoming call.

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    thanks, now for the fix on my first issue anyone out there have any ideas. call the treo direct works fine. no call that are forwarded coming thru.

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