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    I'm a new sprint customer with my Treo 650. I have read many post talking about "provisioning" and how long it took to get done.

    Well, when I got my new treo 650 I just turned it on on it worked just fine. PCS vision worked just fine (well maybe) I am able to surf the web but it is very slow. I just completed the internet speed test ( on another thread) and got really bad results.

    Was I supposed to call Sprint and have my phone "Provisioned" ?
    After the speed test I looked in my network setup and Its set to Vision but the other choice is "Provisioning" thats what got me thinking.
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    It is just the basic setup process when activating your phone with sprint. It establishes connectivity is all.
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    Provisioning is Sprints term for setting up a device to utilize their data services. If your phone wasn't provisioned, you wouldn't be able to connect to the Vision services.
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