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    In case anyone cares...if the pixel is blue when you're displaying a black background, you don't have a dead pixel, but rather an always-on pixel. Defective pixels come in both flavors: Dead and always-on, and are often specific to a certain color. So, you may have a pixel where the green is always on, the red is always on, the blue is always on, or some combination of those (if all three, then it will be white). Conversely, you could have a completely dead pixel or a dead pixel where just one color is dead.

    As RWerksman suggested, try massaging it. I think I've also heard about these pixels being knocked back into order by displaying an all-white display for a long period of time. Chances are, neither of these will work, but it may be worth a shot.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Okay, bear with me on this one, the setup is fairly long: I managed to get an awesome Sprint rep on the phone today when I was re-upping my agreement for another year to get the $100 MIR which I have been told 3 times by 3 different reps will be fine even though I am on my orig Treo 600 for just 13 months, and I already picked up my MIR at the Sprint store.

    Anyway, she asked how I liked it so far, and I told her while I loved it, I was not all that impressed by the memory issue, but there was no way I was giving it up for that alone. I then mentioned my dead pixel (or as Scott R says, the always-on pixel) and she asked how I felt about paying $600 for a phone with a dead pixel. I expressed my displeasure and my unwillingness to go without said phone for any length of time. Again, this lady was great. She looked up the phones that could be cross shipped (based on some credit check/line that Sprint has on us all) and said she could cross ship a new 650 to me and a bubble pack to ship the old one back in. Beleive it or not. I am pretty much flabbergasted. No complaints about Sprint coming from me.
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    I had the same problem. Dead pixel dead center. I called PalmOne and after being bounced around for an hour and 15 minutes I finally got hooked up with someone who was able to get an overnight swap done for me. They never even asked what was wrong with it. Other than the wait, it was an awesome experience. Sprint should take lessons from these guys in PalmOne Customer Service. Now we know where HighRollN95 gets it from!

    Goin on T650 #2 baby! (I had 4 600's so I have plenty work still ahead of me)
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
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    I ordered my TREO on Sunday night, suppossed to have it today, But I as well have a Rebate FOrm that is backordered, They swore this is not holding it up, But it's Wednesday and it still says backordered for the Rebate form, and for the Treo it says processing. You are right about that "Good 'ol Sprint!!"

    Still waiting in Limbo land without a tracking number and an order status of processing for the 2nd. day in a row.

    At least I am not the only one, Thanks for the post!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hub
    When I got my 19" flat panel monitor for my PC it said right in the owners manual that it was considered defective if there were less than 10 non-functioning led's
    more than 10?
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