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    Quote Originally Posted by Joad
    If it's just "a cell phone," then yes - you're probably right. But it's supposed to be a converged device, a "smartphone" if you will. And being a "smartphone," some of us have expectations that it will be somewhat "smart," and not just a "phone."

    30% less memory that the old model is just not "smart" enough, and hence it is just "a cell phone" for most purposes. I can get "just a phone" for $650.99 less than the Treo 650, so what's that extra cash I'm spending gonna give me???

    just my 2c
    It is far more than a phone but most people simply refer to it as a phone. It is also very capable. I just question how much it should realistically be capable of doing. Others have said this, I have said this but you can't design this device to please everyone. It is obvious from these threads that that is true. It is an evolving technology and if this device were not released now, people would just complain that they are taking too long. It is truly a catch 22 here. The final thing is you are a minority. Most in the this group are a minority. You are part of a small percentage of power users who stress this thing far beyond its limits. If 80-90% of the customers are overwhelmingly pleased...well that's pretty good. Now, having said that, I don't consider you a whiner, just someone with high expectations. Hell, I would like to see this thing be able to beam me a hot latte' at some point. It's people like you that will make that happen with your relentless bickering (said with utmost respect).....and THAT is assuming there are developers here reading this stuff.

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    Is it possible that the NVFS/FAT scheme the put together is the limiting factor on the amount of memory?
    Right now the OS/processor combo has to address 64mb of memory to get 32MB.
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    I personally think its a little overblown, I sync'd my 400 contacts and my mild datebk over and noticed a difference from I *THINK* it was 710k to 1040k in my addy book. All in all I reinstalled all my old stuff but 1 program I hardly used BUT allowed it to install documents to go which i did not have on my other one. I have like 14.xmb free. Which is actually more than my T600 had, I attribute that to the little extra Db's which were no longer used from trial programs and such which never cleaned off.

    Personally I don't think 90+% of the ppl will have any issues with the memory issues.

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