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    I used to check my Treo 600 internet speed by going to

    However my Treo 650 hangs on 45.3k

    Anyone else care to try this? My 600 is no longer online so I am not able to see if it is a problem with the test, the phone or the site.

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    I just spoke with Palm One. They said that due to the the new "Non Volatile Memory" the web browser on the Treo 650 is limited to pages that are no bigger than 45.3k.

    ha ha- only kidding!!- but I really am having a problem with the speed test.
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    No problem here doing the 200k file - I downloaded at 63kbit/sec with 1.912s latency and 27.058 d/l time
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    I get over 100 kbit/sec everytime here in SF.
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    thanks bael. I performed a soft reset and I am still getting stuck on 45.3k. I even adjusted the memory limit in Blazer to 2mb. I see a hard reset in the near future. Thanks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MHR
    I get over 100 kbit/sec everytime here in SF.

    Well I just performed this test on the 200k file and got the following:

    3.318 Latency
    218.653 d/l time

    That sucks!!!
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    Thanks bael and MHR. I cleared the cache and it works 66kbit/sec
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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigG65
    Thanks bael and MHR. I cleared the cache and it works 66kbit/sec

    I sure hope you mean 66Kbits/sec
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    115 kbit/sec

    1.755s latency
    15.594s d/l time.
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    For those with poor speed results, it may be the sprint proxy server used by blazer. Try setting an alternative proxy server. I have another thread talking about an alternative proxy server. My results above are without the proxy server. when I experience slow downs in blazer I switch to the alternative proxy.
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    Cingular New britain, CT 65Kbit/sec
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    In Washington DC on T-Mobile/T-Zone with 200 kB test:

    Mobile speed test

    117 kbit/sec

    1.846s latency
    15.496s d/l time
    Prio Treo
    Unlocked Unbranded Treo 650 on T-Mobile-T-Zone
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    200k test:

    On SPCS in Joliet, IL

    124 kbit/sec
    2.116s latency
    15.017s d/l time
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    In Atlanta, GA on T-Mobile/Unlimited Internet with 200 kb test:

    Mobile speed test

    136 kbit/sec

    1.498s latency
    13.201s d/l time
    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    Here in main st, Queens, NY, I am on T-Mobile T-Zone.
    Mobile speed test

    81 kbit/sec

    1.867s latency
    21.619s d/l time.
    I am at work now, I can get about 130kps if I am outside of the building. However I live 10 blocks away, I only get 35kbs in there.
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    It would be great if people gave their service provider and location.

    Mine is Eartlink (CDMA 1Rxx) in Bloomfield Hills

    200Kb file test

    97 kbit/sec
    2.046s latency
    18.502s d/l time
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    200Kb file test in Bedminster, NJ with Verizon

    112 Kbit/sec
    1.696 sec latency
    15.904 sec d/l time
    Palm IIIxe --> Palm 505 --> Kyocera 6035 --> Treo 650 --> Treo 700wx
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    Cingular NYC

    200k test

    136 kbit/sec
    2.195s latency
    13.897s d/l time
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    148 kbts/sec
    2 sec latency

    Bucks County PA
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    Washington DC

    200k test

    133 kbit/sec
    1.474s latency
    13649s d/l time[/QUOTE]

    when edge was first being installed/tested I got as high as 180 kbit/sec

    now it varies between 120-150
    755P Sprint SERO (upgraded from unlocked GSM 650 on T-Mobile)
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