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    Can a high capacity memory card (ie; 2 gig ultra II) compensate for the seemingly unsatisfactory 32 meg internal memory of the 650?
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    Sure, and a program such as Zlauncher will make things easier.
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    where do I get the Zlauncher program and how do I get it on the 650?
    Thanks so much for the help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtgdoc
    where do I get the Zlauncher program and how do I get it on the 650?
    Thanks so much for the help.
    Zlauncher is a launcher replacement app...i.e, replaces the shell of palmos and allows you to customize it to your liking. It combines a launcher replacement + file manager + mem manager etc all in one app. It can be found at

    However, Zlauncher is a rather complicated app imo for newbies to use. I much rather recommend something simple like PowerRun or Tealalias if all you want to do is move apps to the card. Do a search at to find these apps...
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    SD card and some apps like powerrun may help you hack your way for a while. But, they are in the end - workarounds. If you are a newbie, then you may take a month or two to start dancing around the end of internal memory. Many apps are vfs aware and will store ok on SD. BUT- you still need internal memory to run them. Some apps that are perfect for the Treo such as vindigo, mapopolis, email, web browsing, photos, camcorder, sound recording all are impossible or very cumbersome to work around without plenty of internal memory.

    The grace of being new to the Treo is that you don't already know all that it can do, so the memory will not be such a big deal at first. It's only when you want to put it to real use that you find yourself up against a wall shuffling apps onto and off the card. (and then the next upgrade comes out with half again as much memory, and you're stuck).
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