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    Hey all,

    It's not glamorous or perfect, but it's damn cool, and free...from the UK.
    Go figure. They charge $20 for it, here.

    Aim for Palm. Using it on my Treo600 as of today. Very handy.

    I'm too pleased to see if this has been posted before, so I'll apologize in advance if it's redundant.

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    Unless this is a new version, this caused a soft reset loop for me and some others.
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    I discoveres this a year ago and though I admit I haven't used it lately... it never caused a problem for me... it is amazing what one can find with google and a little time...
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    Works fine on my 600.
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    so great for me, too.
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    Awesome first aim for palm i have found works great!
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    been using it for the better part of a year, works ok. occassionally glitches (eg says buddy list members online that aren't, but hey, it works and it IS free!)

    I've used it both with my Sprint T600 and my GSM T600 on several european networks
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    I seem to be having a problem. It will NOT retain a buddy list, once I sign off. Any ideas?

    I can build a buddy list -- no porblem-- but if I log out, and goto some other APP, then come back...the buddy list is gone.


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    can you post a copy of the app I cant access the web page to download it.
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    Click here for the download page. It kept timing out on me when I was trying it.
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    Hi, I'm somewhat new here, i downloaded that AIM and have buddy list problems as well, any help?
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    Do you have to build your own buddy list with this version of AIM for Palm? It doesn't dynamically build it when you sign on?

    Also, can this run in the background?
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    massive softrests here
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    i never had a soft reset problem with the UK version.. although it didn't work worth a crap anyway, so i tried agile messenger, worked perfect.. program was running, i pressed the home button and it started a softreset loop... i synched all my stuff back, now without UK aim and reinstalled agile... scared to try it

    Should i or shouldn't i use agile?
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    I find agile diconnects 90% of the time...start it enough times and it connects..irritating
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    Come on guys - this has been an known issue for over a year. Do NOT use the UK version - it will eventually cause you to develop a reset loop. Took me a few months the first time, but then I had to hard reset.

    I guess you could take the $20 saved an purchase BackUpMan. At least when it dies you can restore after the hard reset...
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    You can easily get out of the reset loop by doing a 'warm' reset. Then delete AIM and soft reset. Back to normal - you can then reinstall AIM and try again.
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    Just had to do the hard reset because of this yesterday. Glad I have BackUpMan, it saved me.

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