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    I think the main reason they included the NV Ram is because of the replaceable battery.
    So that people could change batteries in the middle of the day without losing their data.
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    But wouldn't a capacitor or a small watch battery accomplish the same purpose. Texas Instrument graphing calculators have a small "backup battery" that allows you to change the many AAA batteries without losing your data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SailRace
    Forgive my ignorance on this one, but woudl it be possible, in the near future, for some tech-savy individual who is good with electronics to open up the 650 and simply replace a memory chip, or is it all far more involved than that. How easy/hard/impossible would it be to simply upgrade the memory ourselves, once someone figures out how?
    Yes, Anything's possible. At the Long Beach road show, I told Peter how I paid $$$$ to have someone in N.Y. upgrade my PalmV to 8 Megs before there was a Palm Vx... Would I do it again with the 650? No. it can really mess us reliability and voids your warrenty...

    Whatever the figure was to add more memory, it was just short sighted of Palm not to do it and if memory isn't important, why is the T5 advertized as having 160? Palm just doesn't understand it's users...
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