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    Any ideas on how to configure the unit for use with a wireless carriers mobile internet service. Nothing but ninkompoops over at ATT wireless,,,they only claim to support the 600 which is wrong...they can't help me. When I attempt to connect to blazer it reads, "check username and number".."setup incomplete".

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    I have internet connection with TMo and it still works form my Treo 270.

    My account is for unlimited internet. Perhaps some other AT&T or Cingular users can help. Isn't AT&T with Cingular now?
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    Simply having a GPRS-ready Treo communicator does not mean that GPRS services are enabled on your mobile service account. Contact your mobile service provider to make sure your account has GPRS services.

    Networks in some areas do not have GPRS capabilities. You can't use GPRS if the local network doesn't support it.

    If Treo is not attached to the GPRS network, first try to attach to any existing GPRS network. You can do this by launching the built-in web browser, or checking your email.

    If you do not have GPRS on your mobile account, you may see a warning that GPRS is not available in your area. Before moving locations, make sure your account includes GPRS.

    In some cases, you may need a user name and password to connect to the GPRS network. Make sure you have entered them correctly. If necessary, contact your mobile service provider to have your user name or password sent to you.

    When your Treo is enabled with GPRS, it receives carrier-specific network preferences. If you changed these preferences, you may need to contact your mobile service provider to make sure the preferences are set correctly for your account.

    Does your GPRS service disconnect periodically?
    This may be related to your mobile service provider's network setup.

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