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    here's another $25.00

    jeff, if you can achieve bt 1.2, i'll buy immediately.

    you're the man.
    I gotta have more cowbell
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    Count me in for $30! Either audio over 1.1 or 1.2! Mono/stereo I don't care!
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    I'm in for $20 as well..A2DP is a must going forward...
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    I am in for $30 even if all we get in mono audio support. What's the progress?
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    Ditto the $30US for even mono. I've got a long drive comming up and A2DP would be real sweet
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    Question: If Jeff or anyone else was to achieve this, would it work on the Tungsten T3 as well, or just on the 650?
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    Anyone? Status? Bueller? Hello? Tack on another $20 in there as well to the bounty. Let's get that beautiful BT booty from the bounty.
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    Any news folks? $15 from me if it happens
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    Here's an idea: Instead of trying to edit the original BT stack, why not implement another one on top of it? SofTick BlueFiles implements OBEX on Palm OS 5, why can't someone write a similar program that implements A2DP?

    I'm no Palm hacker myself, but it seems to me that should work.
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    bounty stands at around $650. is anyone working on this?
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    Has anyone posted a bounty on this site:

    Just checkin
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    I'll front the entire bounty in one payment as long as the developer agrees reimburses me as the bounties trickle in. This should reduce the up front risk for the developer. (Jeff I hope)

    Just email or message me when your ready to start.

    Tony Goodman

    btw - (I just need this for audiobooks)
    Tony Goodman
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    I have not forgotten about this need. I will get to work on this next week. Will update everyone then.

    As far as anyone knows, is this being worked on already by any other developers?

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    Thanks, Jeff. We look forward to your results.
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    is there an official link to donate to the bounty? or are we just taking members at their word? I've got $20 towards the cause since Jeff is gonna take a stab at it.
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    If jeff can make this work (music and hands-free calls) with the Bluetake headset (I can mail it to him!!), I'll send him the $$ in advance!!
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    I will put in my $30 also. Hope this works out. I have been jealous of those who got that crappy Moto 680I phone who can use A2DP.
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    i'm down for $20.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffgibson
    As far as anyone knows, is this being worked on already by any other developers?


    I was actually beta testing a very early code for a dev recently. But nothing concrete yet has materialized. However, please don't let that dissuade you Jeff. This would be a huge app if developed imo...
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