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    It looks like more and more sites are spreading the word around about the Treo 650 Memory issue. A very true statement from is:

    So who will be affected by this? Some people have argued that the only ones who will suffer are a minority of 'power users' who have 'too many installed applications' but I strongly disagree with this view as some Treo 650 owners have reported maxing their memory with as few as five applications which hardly qualifies them as power users. Yet others have quite rightly pointed out that the mere fact of owning a Treo by definition makes you a power user. It is therefore becoming evident that anybody who would like to have the freedom to exploit the full potential of their Treo 650 is affected. As it stands, this freedom has been seriously curtailed.

    To read more on go here:

    Also has reported the memory issue on their news section and this is what they have to say:

    Slashdot is featuring a discussion about the Treo 650. "It turns out PalmOne's new Treo 650 is shipping with a major problem that's causing first adopter users and developers to cancel their orders in droves."

    To read more on go here:

    If you find more places on the web where they address the memory issue please paste the link.


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    Here is another one from

    Titled: Is the Treo 650 a Weakling?

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    edgadget has an article cant find the link right now, but was on here in earlier thread
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    CRISIS! PANDEMONIUM! IT'S A PIECE OF JUNK! (please note the sarcasm). The internet sure can cause panic and blow things out of propotion. I, for one, love my 650 despite the blog/message board panic. It does what I need it to do better than anything on the market, and that's good enough for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RWerksman
    Hadn't seen the information about the duplicate databases.

    palmOne has written new versions of the standard personal information management (PIM) applications for the Treo 650. These do not use the same databases as the standard PIM applications.

    However, because many third-party applications tie in to the standard databases, palmOne includes both the new databases and the original ones on the Treo 650, each with most of the same data.

    While this move was necessary in order for the Treo 600 to be able to use PIM applications like DateBk5, it has the effect of using up even more of the Treo 650's memory.
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    Memory Problem Reported on here is a quote:

    you canít squeeze as much data into the same 32MB of storage space that you had on the Treo 600. Some new owners who have upgraded from the Treo 600 are reporting that when they sync the data from their old Treo onto their new one that applications and files that oreviously took up, say, 132k of space now take up 859k of space.

    More here:

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    From here is a quote:

    It appears the FAT system, which handles the Flash memory on newer devices doesnít allocate memory as efficiently as previous Palm OS handhelds did. According to mytreo
    .net, a 14-byte database entry will take a whopping 512 bytes of memory on the new Treo 650 or the Tungsten T5. The point is the new memory has the minimum cluster size of 512 bytes and thus even smaller entries will be given the whole chunk each, which may result in up to the 30% memory loss.

    for more on this go here:

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    Wow Slashdot even ran it... That's big.

    Best quote from Treonauts:
    .....palmOne's rationale for limiting the memory to 32MB was that its market research demonstrated that a majority of its users only had a few applications installed and would therefore have no use for additional memory. This is a bit like a research team presenting Ferrari's board members with a chart demonstrating that drivers of its supercars actually only average speeds of about 55MPH and then recommending that the company's next car have a maximum speed of only 100MPH... I can just picture the speed at which that research team would be flying out of the boardroom window.
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    So one would hope that some sort of fix is coming- there are of course all the threads with the email exchanges. I have one on order from Vienna and think I will give it a go as I want the BT and hi-res...but this is a little ominous.

    I use Goodlink and not sure what effect that will have as I am not using the Palm apps for datebook and contacts ...
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    Hopefully palm took notice of the half dozen sites running this story. Maybe Walt will make a mention of it too.
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    From here is a quote:

    Members of the handheld community have uncovered a few issues involving the new Non Volatile Flash Ram systems (NVFS) found in the new Tungsten T5 and Treo 650. Users are claiming the new memory requires as much as 30% more of the same space on a non-NVFS handhelds and has some performance issues.

    More of this go here:

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    You either have low standards or use your 650 for paperweight. Early adoption issues are to be expected, the issues I have encountered go beyond that. This device was not ready to be released, plain and simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick
    CRISIS! PANDEMONIUM! IT'S A PIECE OF JUNK! (please note the sarcasm). The internet sure can cause panic and blow things out of propotion. I, for one, love my 650 despite the blog/message board panic. It does what I need it to do better than anything on the market, and that's good enough for me.
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    This one was posted a while ago but it is really good for

    So what's wrong? PalmOne voluntarily limited the available memory on the 650 to less than what was available on the Treo 600, and you'll need more memory to hold the same data that was already on your Treo 600! So if your Treo 600 memory is already nearly full, you probably won't be able to store all your data on the 650 if you upgrade!

    For more on this:

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    I just got an email from Paln One for a survey about how much free RAM I have on the 600 and how many contacts - so it appears Palm One is trying to assess how much of an issiue this is.
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    This is take from with the title: Treo 650 Has Less Storage Capacity than Expected

    Here is a quote which is originally from BrightHand:

    palmOne's Treo 650 is now available through Sprint, and it will be released by many other wireless carriers in the coming months. While this is an eagerly-awaited smartphone, the first people to receive them have discovered that the Treo 650 can hold fewer applications and files than they expected.

    Details here:

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    FWIW, Howard Forums has a link to the discussion over here at TC
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    Coincidental that I received this at the address I use for my PalmOne newsletter


    Treo 600 User Study


    Dear Treo 600 User,

    We are conducting a short survey to find out how
    you are using the available memory on your smartphone.

    We would very much appreciate your taking a few
    minutes to answer some questions. The survey will
    take you less than three minutes to complete.

    Treo 600 User study:

    ALL information provided is strictly confidential to palmOne and
    will not be shared with any other party. Please note that Zoomerang
    is the service we have used to host this survey, but retains
    none of the results or responses.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

    We really appreciate it!

    -- The palmOne Marketing Team"
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    This is the result of all our hard work to make PalmOne hear our voices. PalmOne seems to be working on something by sending a survey to all Treo 600 users. We don't know what they're plans are though. Let's keep bringing more Treo 650 Memory issue statements.

    Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey. We really appreciate your time and effort!

    For approximately how long have you been using your Treo 600 smartphone?
    Less than 6 months
    6 months to less than one year
    One year or longer
    I am not currently using a Treo 600
    The remaining questions are only relevant if you are currently using a Treo 600. If you are not using one, we apologize if we have inconvenienced you in any way. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey.

    Approximately how many 3rd party applications do you have on your Treo 600? By counting the icons for programs you added, you can quickly make an estimate. 1) Press the Home key at the bottom of your Treo 600, 2) Select the drop-down arrow in the top right corner, and select All. 3) Count the number of applications you added.
    1 - 5
    6 - 10
    More than 10

    Do you use expansion cards to store some of your applications and data?

    If you answered "yes" to the above question regarding use of expansion cards, what types of files do you store on these cards?
    Other, Please Specify

    How much free space for adding information and applications is available on your Treo 600 smartphone? To find the amount of free space available, please follow these steps: 1) Press the Home key on your Treo 600, 2) Press the Menu key to display the App menu, 3) Select Info on the App menu, 4) Be sure Size is highlighted at the bottom of the screen. Free Space is noted at the top. For example, Free Space: 9.6M of 23.1M, means that 9.6 Megabytes is available.
    Less than 2M
    2 - 4.9M
    5 - 7.9M
    8 - 15.9M
    16M and above
    For this next question, you will need to access the information on the same screen as above. Please repeat the first three steps to access this screen again, if you need to. Then, 1) select "Records" at the bottom of your screen, and 2) scroll down to "Contacts".

    How many contact records do you have on your Treo 600?
    Less than 250
    250 - 499
    500 - 999
    1,000 - 1,499
    1,500 - 1,999
    2,000 - 2,999
    3,000 - 3,999
    More than 4,000

    What email application are you currently using?
    Business Connection
    Visto Message Xpress
    Other, Please Specify
    Thank you again for taking the time to answer these questions about your Treo 600. We appreciate your help!

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    AH - yes - the user survey that already has been posted as having been taken PRIOR to the launch of the TREO 650!


    Time machine anyone?
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