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    I've been emailing with Vienna Channels about getting a 650 without the camera for Sprint due to security concerns. The response I received is:

    "My understanding is there is not a Treo 650 - no camera device available
    from palmOne. I checked on this and wish I had better news for you."

    Anyone know where I might be able to point him to show 650 non-camera availability. People have mentioned ordering them directly from Sprint without the camera so it sounds like they're available now without a camera? Anyone else tried to get one without a camera from Vienna Channels or have info showing that Sprint has the 650 without a camera?

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    the palm reps at the dc roadshow said cameraless phones would be available from sprint dec16th. i haven't gotten a reply back from vienna yet.
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    Heck..those of us that did order a regular 650 from Vienna...have not received them. Jeff told me (thru email today)...2 - 3 weeks. That's sad for a partner company that Palm uses for marketing, to get the very product ....last!! Not a good business move. I'm looking at other offerings.


    PS With the memory issue....maybe the delay is a blessing in disguise. Maybe I'll get a 650 with 128meg of correctly functioning memory.

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