It's been several years since I've used a Palm, and I have really come to love my Windows PPC Ipaq. However, I'm switching back to Palm because there just isn't a windows combo pda/phone that will fit in my pocket like the 650.

That said, I've been reading these forums like a madman trying to get familiar with Palm again before my 650 arrives (tomorrow?). I'm interested in the must have software I should buy on day one. It's already more than obvious I'll need zlauncher to help me with the memory issue (we don't need to re-hash all of that). However, I suspect I'll also need a better Calendar, Contacts, notes, and tasks interface with Outlook. I really like Pocket Informant, but it doesn't come in a Palm version. I don't want to loose/truncate anything I have in outlook, or spend weeks learning the new system (cool if it was very much like outlook). What's the best thing to buy?

My most used PPC feature is Excel spreadsheets. I'm already a little concerned about their usability on the small 650 screen, but I'm banking on the resolution to make these useable. Is doc 2 go the hands-down winner in this category?

I also use my phone alarm features every day (my PPC alarm sux). Does the 650 have a reliable and loud alarm, or do I need to buy something else?

The Butler looks like good software, but are it's functions already included on the 650? Anything else that's necessary to buy do to any shortcoming with what the 650 has?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!