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    I've had my Treo 650 for a few days now, and the lag is unbearable. If this isn't acknowledged and/or fixed by Palm within 30 days, I'm returning it and switching back to my 600 instead of selling it.
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    Amen Batchannel!

    Now on to my 3rd call to P1. Disconnected twice already. Better get in cue to return it! To hell with this lag crap. I'm not spending $600 on a unit that works worse than the one before.
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    Just tried timing dialing from contacts. The lag is consistently 3 seconds. That is acceptable for me given everything else. What other delays are people seeing?
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    I only have a delay with dialing from a contact and leaving Blazer after surfing. While slightly annoying certainly tolerable since I get the benefits of the far better screen, much faster browsing...
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