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    For those who might be interested, I'd like to share a great site for streaming audio. I have thoroughly enjoyed streaming all manner of internet radio stations using Pocket Tunes. I've recently discovered an awesome resource for streaming MP3 sermons using Pocket Tunes. The database is broad and searchable by topic, book of the Bible and author. I've bookmarked it and use it regularly in my sermon research. How cool to listen and take notes on my 600! You gotta love it! (the technology that is, though some will love the site as well) Here's the site:

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    Thank you very much! This is what I looked like when I clicked on the link:

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    Thanks Riverbruce,
    I went to that site, it's amazing. Quite comprehensive, not good for my data plan (3mb)! But a great place to download sermons from the PC.

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    Thanks for the link. Though the subject material probably isn't my cup of tea, I was interested in seeing how well their streaming does on my 600 (only used Shoutcast links previously).

    Unfortunately the site wants cookies enabled, valid email address, etc., etc., etc. before it allows you the privilege to stream the audio. Guess it's back to streaming death metal and right-wing radio stations off Shoutcast...
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