I've just ordered a Treo 650 which I hope to receive in a few weeks. I'm NEW to the Treo so I have a few basic email questions I was hoping someone could help me with? I use Microsoft's Entourage on my Apple Powerbook and will use "The Missing Sync" to sync with my Treo. I currently use IMAP email for a personal and business email account. I am not on a corporate exchange server.

1. Using the Treo's VersaMail 3.0, will I only be able to download my "Inbox" or will I be able to download ALL my IMAP folders?

2. Will I be able to receive and open word, excel & pdf attachments using VersaMail 3.0?

3. I have several email folders set-up within Entourage (located on computer not an IMAP folder) which I use to store email I do not leave on IMAP server. These are folders I set-up for- Action Items, Read & Review, Tickler File, etc... Does anyone know if "The Missing Sync" will sync these folders onto my Treo. If so, will I be able to reply to these emails and send using VersaMail 3.0?

Thanks for your help!