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    Heading to manhattan tomorrow, anyone here know where i can buy them outright? Already have a plan with sprint, want to pick up 2 of them, any help would be appreicated, thx! - Chris
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    Mine's verizon, a number of stores had them in stock. If you're willing to check, go into one store, and if they don't have one in stock they'll usually call around to find one. There are a lot of stores in Manhattan, so one has to have 2!

    Good luck!
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    J & R - Downtown
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    I have two 650's I will sell you, brand new and unopened... I dont know why you would be buying a 600 when the 650 just came out.

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    Because he doesn't want a 650?

    Does that surprise you?
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    FWIW, this was originally posted in the 650 forum, so it may just be a typographical error in the title.

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