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    Has anyone noticed that the t600 loads apps faster than the 650? It is easy to tell by placing them next to each other and launching different apps. Is the treo 650 a step forward or backwards?
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    I have not found that on my 650. On the contrary. Launching most apps is noticably faster. And, opening databases, like large files in DocsToGo, is suprisingly faster on my 650. An example: I have an 800+k excel file in DTG pdb format that took about 25 seconds to open and 20 seconds to close on my 600. On the 650 it opens in 4 seconds and closes in 3 seconds. iSilo databases open faster as well. In addition, the copying of data to and from RAM (like what ZLauncher will do) is moderately faster to the eye, though hard to actually time this. The most noticable feature that is slower on my 650 is the initiation of dialing after I have selected a speed dial or entered a phone number. Not sure what that's about, however...
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    Mr. Rumblestilskin, Welcome to Nov 2004
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    I have seen that in some examples going from contacts to dialing you get a blank screen for a second or two some have attributed this to how the 650 handles the new RAM. Who knows. Everthing else seems more zippy, including the speed of the program once loaded

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