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    I recently brought a Kingston 256MB SD card for my Treo so I can store some music. Using the Treo as a PC-Card interface, I load 100MB of music. Hotsync is still running now after 3 hours, apparently (according to the PC side dialogue) still on the first song. Is it always this slow? Is it a problem with the Treo or the card? Igot it off eBay, but it was in its original packaging...

    Any ideas?
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    I've been running a hotsync for 6 hours. The average data transfer is about 5KBps... I'm sure that's neither the USB nor the Treo's limit.
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    You are infinitely better of using either apps like Carexport from Softic (Not free) or Palm File Browser (free) that will let you access the SD card directly from your PC (after connecting the Hotsync cable) and move file directly from the PC to the SD card. Hotsync process takes forever to load anything. Or you could use one of those SD card adaptors that plug into the USB port of a PC and allow you to copy & paste files on the card directly.
    Satish Joshi
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    It would be very obvious to get a slow synch or transfer of data if your loading a large amount. Just be patience or you will end up installing third party application hacks that would destroy the system of your smartphone.
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    Nah, it's definately a bad card. I called Kingston, they confirmed that I've been sent one from a discontinued line. And they say they'll send me another .

    I'll try that Palm File Browser though, I'd like an easier way to transfer to card...
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    I believe it's worth investing $15 and getting a card reader...
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    Beh, I paid that to get the card originally. If the Treo can do card I/O, then I'd prefer not to have another pieceof gear to lug around...

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