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    Has anyone here seen a 650 work with any of the car-based hands free systems like the ones in Acura RL & TL models or the Toyota Prius?

    These systems work with the Bluetooth "hands free profile" and from what I have seen the 650 supports this profile. The bad thing is that from what I have seen both TL and Prius owners have been unable to get their new 650s from Sprint to work with their cars.

    I was considering getting the 650 to consolidate my old Sony Clie and my Siemens S56 (good phone by the way..) into a single device, but I need the 650 to work with my car ( I have an '04 Acura TL ). I've also seen some postings where an Audi A6 was demonstrated with the 650. Has anyone seen this actually happen or was that marketing hype?

    I really want this phone and I'm hoping the problem is caused by either Sprint's implementation and/or disabling of the bluetooth in their version of the 650 -or- this is a bug that PalmOne will fix in a new software update. These types of hands free systems are going to become more common and they need to make sure this works with the 650 if they want to sell these phones.

    Thanks in advance for any info/advice.
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    Sorry : (

    I just noticed the Bluetooth section in the form (I'm new here) and there is a rather lengthy discussion on this topic there. Unfortunately not any good news so far.

    So if you have something to add to this, please respond in that section of the forum.

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