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    Is anyone else getting any version of Snappermail under 2.10 to work via auto deliver on the 650? Since I do not own 2.x yet, I would prefer that 1.95 work, but that version gives me either a "Phone is off" or "Device in use" error in the log. Does it with 2.04 as well.

    Manual delivery works fine on every version.
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    I normally don't do an auto sync, but tried it today on my copy of 2.10. It will pull mail 1 or 2 times, then resets the device on the next attempt. At this point I assume 2.1 is not really working w/auto deliver either.

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    Hmmmm, that sounds like a different problem. I can defintiely get 2.10 to auto deliver and I never get a reset from snappermail though. I have emailed their support and gotten repsonses (they do not have a 650 to test on). I will post anything that I find out.
    In the mean time if anyone has snappermail version 1.xx or < 2.10 working via auto deliver on the 650, please post a reply.
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    bump - isn't anyone running Snappermail 1.xx on the 650 or has everyone upgraded to 2.10 already???

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