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    Is ther anyway of looking up contacts by phone number?

    At minimum I'd like to be able to enter a phone number and find the relevant contact.

    At best I'd like the additional option on linked phone numbers* to "lookup contact"

    * you know when Treo makes any number in a text message, or web page or whatever, a link which you can click to dial/message?
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    Use the find feature of the treo.
    Press the Num key, then caps and enter the phone number and search.
    Note: with phone numbers the place or non-placement of dashes and or spaces can cause a non find. try using just the last four digits of the phone number.
    Works obviously for alpha searches and it searches all of your added third party programs. great tool that came with the 600. I assume the 650 has it also.
    It is called the find feature in the manual. (page 99 in the verizon treo manual)

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    Contacts5 allows you to do this quite well. It searches for entered text/number in any fields you chose to search in your contacts.
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    I realised a little while ago, that Treo already does this. If you click/tap on a highlighted telephone number it pops a little dialog which includes the name from your address book associated with that number.

    I'm all embarassed now.

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