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    Old skoolers remember how apps like AutoCF and MSMount helped us push the envelope with Palm OS 3 and 4 PDAs. Well MSMount has been updated to work with OS 5

    Does MSMount work with the Treo 650?

    It might not be stable + it was designed for accessing databases that aren't changed, but any power users here already with a Treo 650 might want to give it a try and then let everyone know how well MSMount works on their device.
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    I had problems with MSmount and the treo 650 especially after a soft reset. I am impressed with its speed though I think it is faster than powerrun or zlauncher. YOu can obly use read only dbs with msmount. You could put a dictionary and its db in the msmount directory and it should work fine. Put an app like splashid and its db in the msmount directory and it won't work.
    SO no msmount is not a total solution for the lack of memory.
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    Would this be helpful in any way when using apps that run in the background? Eg, Chatter, pTunes, Verichat? I assume that these apps have to remain in RAM, but it'd be nice to regain some space if we could...
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    Verichat has to be in ram. I do have ptunes and a few skins on the sd card in the same folder. It saved me about 1mb of ram. You just have to remember when you run ptunes that you need to have atleast 1mb of ram available.

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