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    I am getting rather paranoid carrying this phone around without a case. I have the crappy screen protector that came with it, and it's turning nasty on the corners and bubbles on the screen already. So, I will probably get a boxwave set, but if I do that then I definitely want a case that leaves the screen open, unlike the old covertec which became cloudy over time. What case do you guys recommend that doesn't take away from the phone?
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    If money is not an issue, ie spending $115 to protect your $600 phone, then the Vaja T65 is the case of choice. Check P1 webpage for ordering. then you have to decide on color combo and clip/no clip.

    If money is an issue, ie blew your load on the damn phone, check out the accessories thread on this board for more options.
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    I can't believe I am seriously contemplating ordering one of those cases. Does it really take the 3-4 weeks to ship out? Does anyone have pictures of how the white looks? Im debating between that and the golden ochre. Too many options.... bah! Why am I about to spend over $100 on a case again???? Someone please tell me it's worth it.
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    I got an I-volution custom case for my T600 and, not only does it look cool-as-all-get-out (TX term) it has saved my T600 on many occasions when I thought the fall would make it a goner for sure. If you clean the leather every once and a while - it will last forever (alas, longer than the life of the Treo...) I think it was well worth it.

    I wish it would fit the T650. But I'm waiting on the next version. After 5 replacements, I am gun-shy of the new models.
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