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    I received my Treo last Friday but have backed off upgrading from 600 until I read all the issues which this thread has been great on exposing. My concern is I rely on the 600 with its limitations like no ear piece only speaker phone but I can live with this since my emails work very well with the BC connection and must use the contacts since in sales. My concern is I cannot afford to have customers not hear me. Does anyone suggest I just go ahead and exchange my 650 phone before I install. I would hate to go through this process only to discover I have one of the first T650 phones with modulation issues since I ordered day one.
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    UPDATE: I received the email they spoke of on the phone. It looks just like the email I received saying 'order processing' when I ordered my first T650. It says that I will be getting overnight shipping, which is nice. No word on exact shipping times, but if I get a shipping notification I will update again.
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    I, too, am having voice quality issues. I tried recording a message to myself on the office voice mail and it sounds FINE... but others are complaining...

    To my knowledge, this just started today, but then again, today was my first full day back at work (was sick since last wednesday) since receiving my T650, so who knows how long it has been going on and the folks were just too nice to mention it... :-/

    Back to P1 my Treo goeth... If they give me any static about replacing it, I'll just switch back to my 600...

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    the poor sound quality is not sprint it is the phone, my previous sprint phone works wonderful!!
    T650, I am getting cvompliant they can not hear me, or it breaks up
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    I hate to admit it, but my phone has this problem too. I kept trying to pretend it was OK, because I love the Treo so much. I'm glad to see there might be a solution to this problem. I work as a doctor and love the combined phone/PDA on my 650, BUT yesterday I had to repeat myself 3 times to a nurse, and after all that I think she still wasn't quite sure what I said. It happened again later in the day. Both times there was a moderate amount of background noise in my environment and I think that may contribute to the problem. I'm switching to a new 650 right away! Thanks everyone for all your input.
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    Has there been any feedback from Palm on this issue at all???
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    I have experienced this problem on and off over the last week with the 650. It is always on the receiving end of the calls I am placing. The calls from my side sound great. I have not been able to discern a pattern to the problem. It is not constant. Today I made 12 calls, one of which the person complained about static on the call. I asked each of the other 11 people how I sounded, and all replied fine.

    I have 5 sprint phones, 4 (Sanyo's) are for wife and kids, and mine which is the 650. I have noticed this problem occasionally on these other phones, and assumed it was something with Sprint. As a matter of fact, I had found it annoying enough a year ago to go out and get an AT&T phone for myself. Their call quality was much better than what I experienced with Sprint. However, with the lure of the TREO 650 and being able to consolidate in one phone plan, I added another Sprint line and dumped my AT&T phone.

    If I hadn't read this thread, I would be assuming this is a problem with Sprint, not the phone. I have found that the receiving call quality varies from call to call. Even when minutes apart. I am now at a loss as to what to do. Is it a Sprint issue or a phone issue? Should I return the phone? Hate to return the phone unless I am sure it is a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justleft
    Should I return the phone? Hate to return the phone unless I am sure it is a problem.
    Well, you have 30 days to return the phone... according to p1, at least...

    So I'd do exactly what someone else here suggested - I'd call them, get a replacement, and if enough people do that (i'm doing it tomorrow) then they'll HOPEFULLY get off their butts and do something.

    Now, the new phone may have the EXACT same problem. Guess what? You can always then return it for a refund. Just make sure you stay under the 30-days-from-(initial)-receipt.

    I think this is the route I'm going to take.
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    I bought the phone through the Sprint Store, not P1. I just phoned Sprint and they mentioned that I have to take it into a store and have them look at it. Not expecting too much from them, as it is an intermittent problem. I have two days to cancel the phone - if they are unresponsive. Hopefully, it won't come to that.
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    This is not good news for palmOne. First the fiasco with the NVFS, now poor audio quality. This is definitely not good news, they do have a QA Dept. right? Surely they tried making a call and actually asking the person on the other end how it sounded.

    I sure hope this is just a bad batch of units and that palmOne(or Sprint) will contact those effected and replace their units at N/C.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonecool
    I sure hope this is just a bad batch of units and that palmOne(or Sprint) will contact those effected and replace their units at N/C.
    Somehow, I think this is going to be similar to the "Network Search" issue... denial, denial, denial, then finally IF you know exactly what to tell the sprint cust serv rep to search for in their database, you might get them to replace your phone...

    Heck, if it hadn't been for this forum, I'd never have figured out what the problem was. Sprint was clueless...
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    So what do we do??? This is not right. The least Palm could do is address the problems. Unreal!
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    Another Update: This evening I received the shipping confirmation email for my T650 replacement. It was shipped FedEx standard overnight so I should have it tomorrow afternoon. I will post back with any more information about it, and most importantly wether or not the new device exhibits the same symptoms.
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    Cool. Really cool. First the problems with the GSM T600 buzz (I hardly know anyone with a T600 who does not have a loud buzz on the other side of the line which makes it very difficult to understand him; the fix posted in the FAQ has turned out to just temporarily solve the problem). And now this very bad news with the 650. I thought I might buy a 650, with which they might finally have managed to build a working phone unit. Seems not to be the case, at least for CDMA. Ok, now I'm still hoping for the GSM version, but my hope has almost gone...

    Its a shame. In 2004 one should really know how to build a working mobile phone.

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    I love the 650, but I also experience problems with the sound quality. Even with the cheapy free earbud headset that came from Sprint.

    What I noticed is that using the built in mic, background noise makes it nearly impossible for the person on the other end to hear me. I placed two calls from restaurants this week and the people forwarded me the voice mails they received. Just a bunch of garbled digitized noise.

    I love the 650 enough to keep it, use a bluetooth headset, and hope a patch comes out that will help the noise cancelling or something to improve call quality.
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    Dont count on it. you should return the phone to Palm One or sprint and get a new one.I would keep on doing this until you get a phone that works.
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    I just called PalmOne and it was very painless to get a new 650 ordered. I REALLY hope this solves the problem of sound quality.
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    Well, I am on my 3rd Treo 650 and I am getting the same poor microphone audio quality. Now, do I just live with it or go back to a Phone and PDA Non-Convergent solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Parsons
    I just called PalmOne and it was very painless to get a new 650 ordered. I REALLY hope this solves the problem of sound quality.
    Well, my experience with Sprint has been totally different. I called and tried to get another 650 - they directed me to one of their stores. They refused to do anything over the phone. Insisted someone at their Sprint Store should agree it is defective and replace the phone. Took it in this afternoon, and they ran diagnostics on the phone. Everything came back fine. When I asked the technician if the diagnostics that they ran would pick up a sound issue on the receiving end of the call, he said no. So this was a waste of time. Sprint is ignoring the problem.
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    So at this point, palmOne is the one you should call for e replacement since nobody having problem to get the replacement unit? I'm having this poor mic problem from the begining, and I can't hold it any longer...
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