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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick
    People (myself included) seem to talk louder on mobile phones, probably due to the fact that you can't hear your own voice in the headset (called side tone...Nokias have it). For that reason, we tend to speak louder.
    PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's why some resturants and other public places around here make me turn my phone off - even though I am allowed to talk to someone standing next to me.

    This is 2004, not 1994. Everyone should know by now that it's not a tin can with string, and that your voice does not travel longer distances by shouting. Get used to not hearing your voice in the speaker, your voice still exists, trust me.

    Man, how many times have you been standing behind someone shouting into their cellphone like they were trying to communite via bullhorn across the country?

    Please break that habit, and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

    Us cellphone freaks are starting to get the same bad PRPRPR $rap$ $as$ $smokers$.

    Please, join with me by taking the "I will speak in a normal voice into the cellphone" pledge.
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    I'm sorry if I missed this already, but I skimmed through this thread. Has anyone exchanged their 650 for a new one? Most likely this isn't a design issue because of the number of users, including myself, that are experiencing excellent audio quality. If this was a design issue, you would have a significant larger number of users complaining than what's here in this thread.
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    Well, I am experiencing the same problems as people have been describing in this thread. My wife told me that my 650 does not sound nearly as clear as my 600 and my brother (after 3 or 4 test phone calls) tells me that he can't understand what I am saying. I hope either only some of us have defective units or that Palm One will come up with a software fix really quickly. If it is hardware related, it will be very disappointing because I really like this phone.
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    Did anyone with audio problems try a PRL update?
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    i talked to sprint and talked yesterday to their VOice Quality Tech support. i guess these guys check into network issues that may affect voice. He sent me the latest PRL and i still have the same problems. I also mentioned this Treocentral discussion and he saw it and is sending an emial to his manager mentioning this issue. i guess we will see what happens..

    Secondly i talked to customer support at PalmOne.. NOT THE PHILLIPINES TECH SUPPORT, BUT CUSTOMER SUPPORT. You must ask for this department, specifically tell them you dont want to talk to the Phillipines. Tell the sales department you want to talk to US customer service. i complained and explained the problem to the customer service rep and the rep issued a DOA, Dead On Arrival problem, whereby they send a new PalmOne 650 and i send them to old one. I should recieve my new TREO next Friday. once i do i will immedialty report to this discussion my experience with the new phone.

    I think the more people start replacing their phones the more they will see an issue. We must communicate this nagging problem to PalmOne. And return your phones for a swap.

    This is not a network problem it is a Hardware microphone problem. On a wired headset sound is great also on bluetooth is very good. Its the damn mic..

    Good Luck
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    My husband was on his 650 last night and I was on mine and our conversation went pretty smoothly for the most part. But we are not completely free of problems as the problems crop up intermittently. They're not on every conversation or on every part of the same conversation. I noticed that my husband seemed to hear me better than I could hear him. Maybe my phone has a better mic than his. I look forward, Faisal, to seeing if your new phone solves your problems.
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    This has me concerned. My brother waited for an upgrade version of the 600, and this seems just the perfect phone for him... but if it has difficulty with it's most important use (that of being a PHONE), it's disconcerting...

    Anyone notice any differences between the models? 1st shipment from p1 versus 2nd or... is there anyway to identify these shipped treo650's?
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    ok, I just talked to my friend this morning without some of the usual background noise on her end - she didn't have the clipping problem at all. I did a hard reset as well before talking with her - will ahve more on background noise later this evening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by faisal
    Secondly i talked to customer support at PalmOne.. NOT THE PHILLIPINES TECH SUPPORT, BUT CUSTOMER SUPPORT. You must ask for this department, specifically tell them you dont want to talk to the Phillipines. Tell the sales department you want to talk to US customer service.
    Could you post the phone number please?

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    Haven't had any problems - my wife and several other people said that I sounded just fine. As a side note, I was driving last night, and recorded a speakerphone message on my work voicemail, to see how it sounded. It was unbelievable, could BARELY hear the background noise, which was loud when I was recording....I'm VERY happy with this phone so far. I'm in NortEast Atlanta (Duluth).
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    Sigh... I too am having the sound issues... very disheartening.
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    Count me in for the microphone issue.. At first I just thought I was in places where there was too much background noise but I find myself screaming into the phone since the other end cant make out what I say.

    Someone please post if getting a replacement helps.

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    I just called them and they are shipping me out a new phone. The rep I spoke with said he had not head of any problem like this yet.

    Be warned: At first they wanted me to ship my phone back to them and THEN they would ship me a new unit. Of course, I pressed the issue and they are sending me out a new unit and upon receipt, I will return the old unit.

    Does anyone think a patch could fix this issue? This is my first Palm device, how long does it normally take for Palm to release a patch?
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    As a shareholder, time to sell my palmone shares. All these negatives will eventually trickle down to the corporate user ... this will definitely affect share prices in the long run. Time to go blackberry.

    Too bad, since the treo 600 really did wonders for my portfolio.
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    Ha. I knew this thread would spin out of control once the 650 began falling into the hands of everyone. The call integrity flat out sucks. I'm beginning to wonder if P1 even made a single call on this thing? I hope this topic reaches the mainstream media, so P1 will actually act on it. We need to forward this thread to someone at P1...lots of times. Hell, send it to every tech website out there and hope they do a story on it.

    I'm unhappy about having to use my Shure Quiet Spot headset on EVERY call. That's just unaccetpable. 100% unacceptable.
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    I am having issues with my conversations as well. I have been told that it sounds like "i'm in a bar" when I call from quiet locations. The microphone seems to be real issue. Especially after reading these posts! Are a lot of people having problems? Has anyone gotten one of the replaced units, or better yet, an original unit where people you talk to say the sound is just fine? I wonder if the first batch of shipped orders was troubled... I got mine last Tuesday (the day after the first batch shipped). I'd love to hear everyone's feedback!
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    Yeah, we reallly need to do something about this. Does anyone have a contact at Palmone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rriehl
    Yeah, we reallly need to do something about this. Does anyone have a contact at Palmone?
    I have emailed Peter Silkman about this issue and gave him a link to the thread. Didnt do this until late in the day so I was not expecting a response yet. Whether you like the memory response or not, at least Peter did respond to the earlier emails and, not long after, there was an offical response so we will see.
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    count me in on the issue, called sprint 411, she could not understand me enough to get me the number. Most calls placed can not here the whole conversation. It does not matter the location of the phone, house, car outside. mY PREVOIUS sprint phone was fine so I know it is not sprint. 85% of calls complain to me they can not hear or understand what I am saying.
    This is very hard to deal with, I have to have the phone for biz....
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