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    I'm fairly overwhelmed by most tech related "things" so I was wondering if there was a tutorial on the powerful ZLauncher program somewhere on the Internet.

    This is my first PDA phone and I've just begun to get used to even the simple phone tasks.

    Thanks in advance,
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    go to ZZTECHS.COM and there you will find all the info you may be looking for.
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    If you are that new, you probably don't have tons of stuff to store on your Treo yet; this stuff accumulates over time. I suggest that you don't use ZLauncher now. Read your Treo manual and get used to it as it's supposed to be used. There is nothing more valuable to a new user than reading your PDA's manual and just enjoying your device as it's intended.

    If and when you get to the point where you are running out of memory, you could then start using it.

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