I have been using my new 650 since Thursday and have become increasingly aware of a performance problem in terms of response time. For example, clicking on a number in the call log requires 2-3 seconds before the number will ring. I am seeing similar issues with dialing from favorites and contacts and generally in moving from 1 screen to another.

I have read multiple threads here about STORAGE issues in terms of memory and the horrors of large numbers of contacts. Is this perfomance issue caused by the same architectural shortcomings?

I must admit that I am thrilled with the screen and optimistic about Bluetooth (I have been using the Jabra 250 and think it is just ok -- difficult to put on while driving and I also note a significant delay in response time between it and the phone.) I am unlikely to dump the 650, but it is odd to see such a step back in performance.

What is the likelihood of a fix to this performance issue?