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    I just got the 650 Friday from Sprint. I have another arriving from PalmOne tomorrow. I tried to cancel early Saturday morning but they said it was too late. I had planned to refuse the delivery or send it back. But I'm having problems.

    I setup my 650 with some programs I purchased: PocketTunes, Ultrasoft Money, Docs to Go Premium Edition, Voice Signal, Adobe Reader, eBook Reader, and one that I had already called Balance Log. I noticed right away that Balance Log didn't support the 5 way button. I'd suspect that this program is causing my system to go into an endless loop but I don't know how to uninstall it.

    Soft resets do nothing and hard ones work but of course I have to start over. When I hotsync it just starts looping again. How can I keep this particular program from Hotsyncing after a hard reset?

    Should I hang on to the other 650? Is it likely something is wrong with this one?

    I'm new to this so thanks for the help.
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    believe it or not I have been stuck in several reset loops from ereader. that may be your problem.
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    Thanks. But how do I remove a program from the hotsync? If I hotsync it will go into an endless loop. If I don't hotsync I have to reinstall every program? There must be a way? I'm just really new to palm os?
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    find your backup folder on your pc and delete it.
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    Thanks very much. I'm trying that.

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