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    I'm trying to figure out why I can't get further than 2 ft. away from the 650 with my Jabra 250 bt headset. Anyone else have this problem? I also have a Moto H810 headset but it is so darn quiet with the phone (I can't get the volume loud enough to hear over normal noise in the car when on the freeway) - otherwise no other problems - that I bought the Jabra 250 to try. I'm just trying to see if others are having similar issues with their bt headsets.
    (Also, I understand the concept of interference - I design wireless networks in the 2.4 GHz range. The problem I was having was out in the middle of a field while walking our dogs. Interference in that range in that area is nonexistent.)
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    there is a BT forum now, fyi
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    I have some clicking and popping, but I think mine is because I have a wireless network, and i set right by the router when I use this headset. I need to try it outside. I have a G2 on they way, has anyone used the G2 with the 650 yet? I would like to know how well it works compared to the BT250.
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    I think the Jabra's just have poor RF. I have a BT200 and it also can't get more than a foot away either. And not just with the 650 either. It was the same for a few other BT phones as well. A Motorola 810 I tried was much better.

    I love the way the Jabra fits around the ear, but it's RF performance is poor.
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    Same problem with my Jabra. I have a Bluespoon Digital on the way & hope it improves things. For 300 dollars it had better. One thing I am worried about is the fit around the year. I do like the snug fit of the Jabra & when I tried the Motorola it drove be crazy, even when it dangled a little bit.
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    Well, then it seems that most other's experiences mirror mine with the Jabra. It's really too bad, though. I stayed away from it for a long time because I thought it was too big, but now, after using it, I actually like it a lot. The volume on the Moto is really horrible. Sometimes its better and sometimes its worse. Even when its better, it is still too quiet... Back it goes...
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    I also bought a Jabra BT250. It sucked! As soon as i moved more than a foot away i got interference. So i returned it. Haven't seen any other BT headsets I like, so I'll keep looking. If anyone has any suggestions on what to get please post.

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