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    Palmone is slower to receive 650, but i get bluetooth headset and free overnight shipping and no tax.
    But when this thing breaks, when i bring it into sprint store, are they going to replace it instantly? Or will they say, take the issue up with palm one?
    Vs if i buy from sprint, they'll replace it right there right?
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    there is no difference, its going to say sprint on it, and sprint wont be able to tell where you bought it... i bought my 600 fro Handspring last year and exchanged it 4 times at sprint stores for new replacement phones... also a little know rule, if a store determines your phone is bad, "fails the test" and they donít have a replacement but do have a new phone, they have to give you the new phone... You can cite customer service told you this; it has worked for me every time...

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    thank you much. palmone it is. now i have just to decide if the 650 is a worthy upgrade. My whole deal with palmone is that they seem to intentionally slow innovation, as if they've only got a limited number of tricks up their sleeve, so they don't want to make one uber device all at once. I just don't understand why companies don't get it: the better device you make, the more it sells and the better it makes your company and bottom line, no matter what. If you have to jack up the price of the phone by $50 to put 64 mb in it and to add wi fi, so be it. Just make the device. People who are buying the treos aren't going to care as much about a $50 price hike if that makes their user experience that much more enjoyable. I'm not a techie, and I'm not a business manager, but it just doesn't seem that hard to do.

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