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    Can anyone tell me what it means when the indicator light is solid orange? I have to do a reset to get the solid orange to go away.
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    hmm, do you have Butler installed?
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    No, I do not have Butler installed.

    I scoured the Treo manual, but can't find any details on what it means to have solid orange on the indicator light.
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    Ack, I just posted a message about this ... I've found the orange light comes on when I get a new Verichat message.
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    Has anyone solved this issue? I am occasionaly getting this orange light.
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    Quote Originally Posted by denik
    Can anyone tell me what it means when the indicator light is solid orange?
    It means the power core has been set to overload and the Treo could explode at any moment.

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    cingular manual, page 15, right column. light flashes green when your phone is in a coverage area. If your outside a coverage area the light flashes amber.
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    I have started getting the same thing. I have a sprint treo with nothing installed that I know of that can controll the LED. The phone says I am sprint coverage area and the light does not flash. Just solid.
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    Yes. this is a verichat issue that happens when you get a message (outside the program?).

    Anyway, HOW do you get rid of it without a soft reset.

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    Have you tried to "exit" out of verichat or set it to not be "always-on"
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    I am not using verichat. I do use the palmone messaging that came with the phone and have the same problem. So this appears to be a messaging thing, but I have never installed verichat.

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