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    hi fellow treo folks. as the title suggests, I am a super treo 650 newb. I am typing this up on my new 650 @ my little cousons bball game.
    I just installed zlauncher on my 650 and now I'm having some issues. every time I try to email someone through versamail, my cell resets on me! I have no idea why this is happening. I figure its a memory issue, but it has been working fine up until today. I also just bought an sd card. I think that when I was trying to figure out how to transfer files, I screwed something up.
    please help! one of the main reasons I bought this was for the email functions.
    while I'm at it, I might as well say that I'm totally lost with this whole sd card thing. I've been doing my best to read these forums... I bought a 512 sd card about 2 hours ago, and ever since I've been trying to transfer files and such, I've been screwed! I even did 2 hard resets, but to no avail.
    Please try to find some time to help this newb out! thank you kindly.
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    I had a problem when trying to open versamail. When I clicked on the icon, my treo would reset. It was caused by some app I installed. I had to perform a Hard Reset, press and hold the power button, press the reset button by the battery. Release the power button once the Palm (the circle screen) appears. The press up to reset everything. Before you sync with your computer, you have to delete your everything in your backup file in C:\Program Files\Handspring\(your user id)\Backup. If you dont delete everything, hot sync will transfer your reset problem right back into the phone. You do loose everything, but it seems you dont have much installed. VersaMail works fine with me and I have zlancher 5 installed. You might need to test you mail program after each app install to pinpoint what is causing the problem. Let me know if this works.
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    You can also do the hard reset and rename the backup folder so in that way you will have a new backup folder database to get rid of third party apps that might be corrupted.
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    Thank you both. I moved all of my backup files and did a hard reset. That solved the problem!
    Now I'm really trying to figure out this sd card thing. Basically, I just want to move any files to the sd card that will be able to run off the sd card. It gets quite confusing. I was hoping it would just be a matter of copying, pasting, and deleting the original off of my phone, but I guess I'm too optimistic?
    I have installed zlauncher, and I still don't quite understand the thing.
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    Well you can try this one:

    If you download a particular software just try to drag it to the install tool of your palm desktop then from there try to change the destination to the SD card so in that way the next time you perform a hotsync it will go directly to your SD card
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    I would just load your apps from the pc to internal memory. Then once they are on the 650 (usually in the unfilled section), click and hold on them with you stylus, then click move to card. I also put them in a category after. Thatís all there is to it.
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    This seemed to do the trick when Versamail was resetting my 650. Thanks folks! As usual, this board is a great resource!
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    Thank you all so much. This beast of a phone seems to be a bit more tame now. Hopefully it'll stay that way as I continue to add more programs and play around with it. You guys rock.
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    VersaMail will reset itself if you simply delete or move the MultiMail Message and Attachment DBs - I have not tried to move them back successfully, so you do have to reset up your accounts in versamail.
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    Welcome to the board, and enjoy the 650...

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