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    I am typing this trhough bluetooth dun from my new Treo! I am using Pdanet of course. It's a little slow though. Also after connection is started, the screen on phone won't shut off. It will dim after about a minute but turns back on after data starts sending or receiving. But overall it's good news...
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    To speed up browsing, turn off 'show pictures' in your web browser prefs. In IE, it's under Tools->Internet Options->Advanced . There should be an option in the PDANet config screen to keep the screen turned off.

    Yes, PDANet is great stuff. Up to 100Kbit/sec or 12K-15K Bytes/sec downloads for USB cable.

    Please run a test for BlueTooth at...

    Click on the 200K file. Please post results.
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    With all the image maps on websites nowadays, hard to just shut off pictures because you'll lose navigation on a lot of sites.
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    Using PDANet over Bluetooth right now to connect my laptop to the internet. I have 3 bars.

    Here are the results from

    76 kbit/sec

    2.019s latency
    22.829s d/l time
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    It looks like with PDANet, you have to initiate the connection from the Treo. With true Bluetooth DUN, can you initiate the connection from the laptop/computer? I want to be able to leave my treo in my pocket or my bag, and just whip out my laptop and connect to the internet. Does anyone know if this is possible with standard Bluetooth DUN? Maybe this is something that PDANet can build into their application?
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    oh jeez well who's lazier than me?!!! leave it in yopur pocket ay?
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    there is no option to turn off screen while surfing...
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    86 kbit/sec

    2.119s latency
    20.695s d/l time.

    It may seem silly, but I don't think denik is totally out of line. Bluetooth connection via PDANet definitely rocks ... but with my T608 (which offered the DUN service natively), I could just open my laptop and start the connection. It's the ultimate convenience. Sure, starting PDANet on the phone first isn't a big deal, but plugging in the cable isn't much harder either.

    Nevertheless, happy to have PDANet working and will definitely buy it. I mean, we don't know when we'll ever see a patch from Sprint to enable DUN via BT. And even when (if) it comes, I'd wonder if Sprint could detect BT tethering vs. PDANet simply appearing as browsing via the phone. I guess that's a bit paranoid to worry about that.

    Truth be told, it's nice to have BT via PDANet as an option and, if Sprint enables BT DUN, I'll probably migrate to whichever connection is faster.
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    After disconnecting a PDANet connection to my Treo 650, when I go to use vision (i.e. browse) on the phone, it fails to connect to PCS Vision service. I have to open up PDANet on the phone and close it before I'm able to reconnect to Vision through my browser. Anybody else see this behavior?

    Neither "Auto connect on startup" nor "Remain connected on exit" are checked within PDANet.
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    Hoping that June Fabrics adds a way to set a default device for bluetooth connection. As it stands, I have to select my laptop from a list of trusted devices each time I connect.

    Not a big deal. Just a suggestion in case June Fabrics reads this thread.
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    JUne Fabrics asks that you report problems to

    Send them an email, they want to know your experiences.
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