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    There are a lot of angry people on this board. If you're so unhappy with the Treo 650 you received, just return it already. Vote with your wallet and don't encourage sales.

    The fact is:
    1. This is not a bug, manufacturing defect or otherwise
    2. There is no guarantee that there will ever be fixes available.
    3. There is no guarantee that any fix put out won't create new issues.

    As I said in this post:

    As a consumer, you have a right to be upset. However, this is (a) not a manufacturer defect, and by that I mean it has no safety or security implications, and (b) nobody made you buy it -- you are well within your window of time to return your Treo. An argument could be made that PalmOne misrepresented the memory by not telling the consumers the full story; however, again it is indeed 32mb inside -- they never lied about that.

    It is not a bug. The math works out, and you get 32mb of memory. Cluster sizes are new to the Treo, but not new to anyone that has used a floppy, hard disk or other removable memory device. No one has ever successfully challenged a hard drive manufacturer or a computer company because their 120gb hard disk didn't hold exactly 120gb to the last bit. It's just a fact of life... understand the technology and either live with it or give it up.

    Plain and simple, it is a marketing issue. Someone, somewhere, said "all they need is 32mb" and some engineer did not speak their case that 32mb on the Treo 600 is not the same as the Treo 650. Meetings were had, and a decision was made. Whether you believe it is a poor decision is up to you. I do believe it was a poor decision, but individually I will evaluate the GSM 650 and if I can live in the smaller space, I will keep it. If not, it goes back.

    If you like the Treo 650 enough to keep it, then to me, the other features of the Treo 650 are compelling enough to overlook the limited memory. You haven't convinced me that the memory is such a big deal after all, and the Treo 650 might very well be a darn good device.

    Don't hold your breath for an update though. As a matter of customer relations, they will likely try and do something to please the power user. However, it may not be possible. It might be cheaper to release a 64mb or 128mb memory version in 6 months. We just don't know, and PalmOne won't tell us until they know for sure as well.
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    Well said!
    "When Palm announced today that its new smartphone would run an operating system from Microsoft, it was the equivalent of Coca-Cola agreeing to fill its bottles with Pepsi." ~David M. Ewalt, Forbes Magazine
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    I would like to see P1 do what Handspring did: release a series of handhelds with users' needs in mind. there was a 2mb, 8mb and 16mb model.
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    ...and for those of us who ordered a new Treo 650 (NOT a demo) through ViennaChannels which specifically states "no returns"...??? What is our recourse? I'm not sure if we can cancel our orders even...nor whether I want to until I can receive it and see how it works with Zlauncher.

    However, not receiving the 650 for another 2-4 weeks give us a chance to watch all of ya'll with the problems find the workarounds (Zlauncher, etc.).

    I can say that P1 giving out ZLauncher 5 and SD cards isn't the best solution I would like. I would rather not have to always carry 2 SD cards around - one with the apps linked to it and another with MP3 files. I guess ZLauncher 5 + a 1GB Sandisk SD card would be acceptable... Please note I say "give" as I don't think we should have to pay a penny for this mess that P1 created.

    Just my $0.02
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    You probably can cancel your VC order. In fact, I hope people do so I'll get mine faster

    Otherwise you can eBay it and probably come out ahead.
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    I think what is happening here is that people are trying to justify the lack of memory with the other upgrades that they recieved. They really dont want to send it back, but are having a hard time understanding why Palm is having a hard time understanding the use of memory or lack of...

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    What would happen if Palm decided to have a cluster size of 8MBs? I know it's an extremely absurd example, but then you'd only be able to put 4 records of data on it if it was 32MB total. Would you still say that it stores 32MB of data? It does, but only under perfect circumstances.

    My point with this is, where do you draw the line? What cluster size is acceptable to customers? It's clear that Palm misrepresented the amount of memory in it. For 10 years now memory on the Palm was consistant and now it's all changed. If you read any reviews on this, the reviews themselves didn't know about the change. At the very least you would have thought that Palm would have tipped them off on that.

    Clearly most (not sure about vienna channels) people are within their rights to cancel their order or return it. You have to realize that for over a year now, people have been asking for removable batteries, bluetooth, and a hi-res screen. So now they have to choose between something they've waited a year for and something they've always thought to be true. Indeed it is a rock and a hard place as mentioned in previous thread.

    Lastly, for many people, there isn't another option, as PalmOS phones with keyboards are fairly few and far between.

    Personally all I really wanted was for Palm to be up front before pre-orders were available that what was true for the last 10 years had suddenly changed.

    One of two things has to be true. One, PalmOne knew that everything had changed with regard to memory and failed to communicate that. Two, they were completely unaware of this until Thursday or Friday when many people started to e-mail execs about the issue. Either one is completely unacceptable and while I've defended Palm for 7 years now, I can't defend this.
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    Just get it, see if it works for you, and if not send it back. Or, do the best with what it has today, and then buy "bigger and better" when it comes out.... but right now I dont see anything close. The 600 has a terrible screen (which is even worse on newer models; wait till you need a replacement,,, and you will! lol) and no BT which is a MUCH bigger dealbreaker for me than slightly less memory.

    As long as this one actually works (which my previous 3 600's didnt) I'll work with it till something better comes along. No big deal.
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
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    Doesn't matter what the subject matter is, every message forum on the Internet seems to be infected with garbage like this.

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