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    RealPlayer takes up approximately 316k memory in which the main application takes up 158k the remaining is taken up by its associated files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awesterink
    Hmmm...I could have sworn that one of the replies to this question in a chat session with P1 was:

    Nov 09 11:24:18 <PalmOne> RealPlayer can be installed or removed on the Treo 650 depending on the needs of the end-user.

    Tsssk. Fibbing.
    Yeah I remember that, can anyone elaborate more on this?
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    I just emailed Brayder, makers of Jackflash and I have yet to hear back from them regarding the T650 and whether they are going to support it and it's new memory/file system.
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    I don't think jackflash supports the T5 and I doubt it will be soon be able to support the 650 (imo at least)...

    Anyway, why do you people care about deleting it anyway!!! Good grief it on the ROM!! That means you can't delete it and even if you could, you wouldn't be saving any space to begin with! If anything, just get an app like invisible or use zLauncher to hide it if it bothers you so much...
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