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    any Mac users try BluePhoneMenu 1.2 with the 650 yet??
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    Quote Originally Posted by imageone
    any Mac users try BluePhoneMenu 1.2 with the 650 yet??
    Trying it now...I am having trouble connecting to the 650. When I try to connect to my device, the 650 gets stuck in a "connecting" loop, over and over. Hmm....
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    I was able to connect to one of the GSM 650s at the Boston Roadshow, but when I had a friend call the phone, it didn't show the call on the screen as it does with my SE T610. I didn't have time to do any troubleshooting, so I can't say that it's a Treo issue (more likely it's some configuration issue in the pairing), but yes, they can pair and it will show up in the menu.

    Using BluePhoneMenu 1.2, OS 10.3.5 on a PowerBook G4/867 via Belkin Bluetooth dongle
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    Will someone else with a 650 and Mac try this? I sent a note to the developer requesting 650 compatibility, but I thought I'd see if the lack of communication is limited to me.
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    Wish I could help -- I'll be on the case as soon as my GSM 650 arrives, in January
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    As soon as mine arrives from p1 I will give it a whirl. I already have it installed for my SE T608.
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    Ive heard this may not work with the sprint phones, since they disable the dial through capability. Just FYI.

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