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    any idea why I would only be getting about half of my gmails on snapper? They don't all seem to 'pop' over
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    Finally!somone with the answers!Even google couldn't help me. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou
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    I am at an utter loss for words. I have tried every possible scenario in this thread. Defaults, this port and that port. Triple check my pop and smtp paths, usernames and passwords... etc....

    NOTHING!?!?!?!?! I am going crazy!

    Please help...
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    I am about to give up on VersaMail. It worked well for me to retrieve GMail except for one annoyance: I keep getting old messages. There is no pattern to this, but it does happen a lot more after each reset.

    Would Chatter or Snapper have this problem with GMail?
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    Woo Freaking Hoo! Thanks for the tips. I've been fighting with the whole STARTTLS error when sending messages for two weeks. Google was no help. I don't know why I did not check that second box in my hours of troubleshooting. I just checked the box now and sending messages works perfectly. Geez I feel stupid. But now I am a very happy kind of stupid.

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    VersaMail v 3.1b

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bekktek
    I'm getting "Unable to use APOP" when I try to "Get" in VersaMail for Gmail... what have I done wrong?

    Had the same thing happening. In the "Incoming Server Settings: DO NOT check "Use Authentication (APOP)".

    Should be all good.
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    thanks so much for the set up help. my gmail's been working great with probs YET...I'll give it a week or so and see if I have any issues.

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    I am able to receive and send mail just fine. However, I am not able to attach pictures. Does anyone know why that might be?
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    When I choose the settings under preferences to download the entire email, and not just the header, it stops downloading the emails on the third email and gives me an error saying "Message size too big" or something like that. Anyone else having this problem?
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    I just tried doing this, still no worky for my Gmail + Versmail.

    I get this, with the EXACT settings as I searched..
    "SSL connections are not supported.
    Cannot form a network communication object."

    I'm running Treo 650 with Software 1.12.
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    Ok, EX out my last post. It does work. It may say it doesn't in the sync process, but once you unplug it and try it IN the program itself (Versamial on the Treo), it actually works. I can receive and send e-mails. Thanks!
    The Phone: Samsung MM-A940 | Sprint PCS
    The Car: '92 Civic HB Boosted | 340whp
    The Beater: '92 Prelude Si | Just for winter!
    The Bike: '96 CBR600 F3
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    I have been using gmail since very early in its beta release. as a result I have hundreds of messages in my inbox. I'd like to use versaMail to check gmail, and I am able to successfully connect and check, however, I have VersaMail set to only deliver mail from the last 3 days. However, unless I tell VersaMail to accept _all_messages, I'm told all of my messages are outside my specified date range.

    has anyone successfully been able to use gmail with VersaMail, limiting receipt to only the last few days or weeks?
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    Been using Versamail with gmail for a while now. Outside of the issue of not being able to have the emails held on the gmail server to allow my Outlook to also receive the same email downloaded onto the treo, visa versa, all is o.k.... this might change in the future with gmail.

    After reading the last few posts, my assumption would be that everyone has their preferences for Versamail set low or at default (5-10kb). Anything higher than that will make emails go to sh*ts or truncate. Give that a try.
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    I've been able to do a workaround of sorts for the Gmail problem and getting mail on the 650 and in Outlook at home.

    I set up a 2nd gmail account. The main gmail account is set to forward messages to the 2nd gmail acct. The 2nd acct. is the one that I use to retrieve messages to the 650. At home, Outlook just retrieves from the first one. That's also where I reply. Just use the 650 to read email, so it might not work well for replies from the 650. Unless your recipients recognize the 2nd addy or it's similar to your main acct.

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    Setting maximum message size up to 256KB made no different in allowing me to limit mail from the last few days. Good suggestion, though - I hadn't thought of that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conrad
    Setting maximum message size up to 256KB made no different in allowing me to limit mail from the last few days. Good suggestion, though - I hadn't thought of that.
    Conrad - I don't see anything (filters or changing POP delivery) that lets you set a time frame in gmail. If you haven't tried this, I had this thought:

    You could try setting up the 2nd gmail account and forwarding all the messages you want from the first one to the 2nd one. Make sure POP is enabled on the 2nd account before you forward the mail. I believe gmail will see it all as "new" mail regardless of the date. You should then be able to get in on your 650.

    Let us know if it works.
    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder
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    Thanks for the great suggestion Brent! I'm afraid it's not quite what I need though. It's VersaMail that lets you limit how many messages are received (Under Delivery Options). My problem is that I get a lot of mail that I need to keep. my gmail inbox has several hundred messages dating back to June of 04. When VersaMail checks it, it sees that I have several hundred messages. With any other POP account, if I set the delivery option to only retrieve mail from the last 3 days, I only get those messages. For Gmail it thinks all my messages, new, unread, old, or read, are _all_ older than 3 days - which they aren't.
    Using a second account, I'd end up with the same problem eventually, since I can't create a gmail account that auto-deletes mail out of the inbox after a pre-set amount of time. If I could, I'd do just what you suggest Brent. Thank you again.
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    How about creating a sep. folder in your gmail account. Do this online via IE or whatever you use. Call it a new name and toss all your old emails since '04 in that new folder. All other emails from that point on will be delivered to your Versa.... from my understanding only Inbox emails are pulled out, I could be wrong.
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    Ok, I get what you guys are saying:
    - move inbox contents to a new folder
    - make a new Treo-only gmail account
    - forward new mail without deletion from original account to treo-only account.
    - set POP settings to download _and_ remove from server.

    This way old email and new email is in still in original, and new account can be used to check all messages.

    Got it! thanks bheuss and arabian!
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    I have been getting my Gmail to my T650 for several months now with no problem. In the last few days, there have been problems, mostly resulting in timeouts when conecting to the mail server. It seems to go past the sign up process and get stuck on connecting to the mail server.

    I deleted the Gmail account and recreated it but the problem persists. Could Rogers have done something, so that Gmail would not work and we would have to use their mail service?

    I am on Rogers GSM service.

    Any ideas?



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