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    I have the full Epocrates Essentials Suite on my 650 (Sprint verison) from the start (about 8 months now). Gained a couple of Megs of RAM by using ZLauncher. Doesn't take that long to load from SD using ZLauncher, so I'm pretty happy with it. Only "problem" I have is that with each sync and autoupdate, a second, non-card icon appears on the desktop. If I move this new version to SC card by clicking on 'move to card' from the ZLaunch drop-down and click on 'overwrite all', then the second icon disappears until the next time I sync.

    I'll look into the SD enabled Dx version right now and see if I gain anything over ZLaunch alone.

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    Ok, I updated to the version of Epocrates Essentials with the expansion memory option for the Dx application. I initially had 8.6 mb of free memory with Epocrates moved to the card using ZLauncher and with a full complement other programs, etc. After updating to the latest Epocrates version, and continuing to use ZLauncher, I have 9.1 mb of free memory.

    So this tells me two things. First, that the new version helps, even when using ZLauncher, compared with the old version. Second, that ZLauncher is not as efficient as it could be at moving things to the expansion card. By the way, if I move Epocrates to RAM using ZLauncher (but retaining Dx doing its own expansion card memory management), my free RAM is listed as 8.8 mb.
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    I use PowerRUN for most of my apps . It is an extremely useful tool for keeping onboard memory available. This allows me to keep ePocrates pro with all the extras on the main memory and still have plenty of memory left for other things.
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