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    I wanted to order an Egrip for my 650, but noticed on that they only have the 600 posted. Not sure if I should order a 600 and hope it works on the 650, or wait around for Egrips to publish a 650 version.

    Does anyone know if the 600 egrips are completely compatible with the 650, or will they not work due to new button placements and such on the 650?

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    e grips go on the back and might mess up seeing as how theres a battery compartment now. also they get frayed and peeling and crappy looking after a while
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    I bought the generic egrips at radio shack. They have a variety of sizes in the pack, and I was able to protect my 600 and my wife's samsung for $10.

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    I emailed egrips and this is their reply:
    It should be on our site this week and available to ship within 3 weeks.
    Thanks for your interest in egrips!

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