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    This is very hard to explain and I am still trying to understand myself. When I make a call or receive a call on my brand new Treo 650, the person on the other end is hearing scratchy sound and/or my voice constantly breaking up. But the weird thing is that this seems to happen only when I am in a moving car. If I am not in the car, it works fine. It seems to get much worse when both of us are in a car. I know this makes no sense, but I have verified this by calling multiple people and all seem to indicate the same issue. The one thing I have not tried is driving a different car than my own - but I can't imagine what my car could have that would interfere with my phone. I am at a loss on how to fix this. Please help!
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    Sounds like a carrier issue rather than the phone. If you can borrow another phone **which is on your carrier** you can test this conclusively in 2minutes. Otherwise you could have a pretty good test by i. call an assistant 3x, once with them on a landline once with them on their cell, 3rd time with them standing near you using a cellphone. ii. Drive through an area where you have the problem + test cell to landline <hope there's no traffic while on your 650!> iii. 2nd test, hop out of car, same spot, call your friend's cell with them in a good signal iv drive, same spot, your friend in the car with their cell phone.
    You're calling from the same spot each time. If the scratch issue changes in the 3 tests it's likely the cell signal.

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