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    Does anyone know what happened to the OLD Install tool?

    This new Palm Quick Install ONLY shows clicked on prc files to install.

    If you install a program (.exe) with an install, you can not see the .prc files lined up to go into the palm at next sync. So if youc hange your mind or do not want to sync them, you can not remove them.

    You can not choose if you want to put a program on the card or the device also.

    Am I missing something here?

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    This is a pain, I thought. I had software issues and the intsall cd never loaded well. However, the palmone quick install in under "start->allprograms->palmone".

    The old way that you are used to is not listed. go to "c:\program files\palmone" and make a shortcut to the file "Instapp" then paste it on your desktop.

    If you did not delete your handspring folder, that file could aslo be under "c:\program files\handspring"

    Once you open that file, it will be what you are used to seeing.

    You can copy a prc file to the card by dragging it to the bottom of the quick in stall tool.
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    Thank you!

    That is just what I was looking for.. I do not kjnow why they make this hard to access without a shortcut or even putting it on the menu..

    Or they could have made ALL things going into the treo shopw up on the quick install..

    seems like they are trying to keep people from seeing what prc files are going in

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