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    I have paired the 650 with both a Jabra BT250 and a Motorola HS20. Both support "handsfree" and "headset" profiles (or so they say).

    I can not figure out how to set up "voice tags". The phone says it is capable and the headsets say they are capable.

    The phone says to set up on the headset and the headset says to set up on the phone. Has anyone been able to enable this feature?
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    It may be in the menu someplace. I've often found that these things can be as simple as locating a drop down menu, in the contact screen of the person you want to Voicetag, and doing so. Again, I don't have my 650 yet, but that's where I'd look. I anticipate having it next week, and am going to use the HS810, so if you still haven't found it I'll post. Still, it'd be very nice if some enterprising 650 user posted the correct way to do this BEFORE I get mine!
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    What is a voice tag ?
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    There are several types of VoiceTags, and I don't think either of the above mentioned works with the VoiceTags that the Treo offers.

    The 650 supports VoiceTags when the headset handles the voice recognition internally. Because of the required processing power in the headset, it is usually only car kits (such as the parrot systems that can be used with the VoiceTag feature.
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    I am just curious if anyone has been able to set up 'voice tags.' Regardless of whether my headset can handle them, I still have not been able to find any menu item anywhere that allows me to attach one to a contact...
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    I figured it out.. I have a Parrot BlueDrive handsfree unit which supports recording Voicetags.

    The Treo seems NOT to support it itself.

    Anyway if you have a PArrot or something that SPECIFICALLY letsd you record (in fact the Parrot is the picture they use in the voicetag setup screen) Here is what you do..

    1 ) Go to Prefs > Handsfree....

    2) Under voice tags click setup. You will then see a picture of a Parrot (no not the bird) pointing to the record button.

    3) Go to your parrot (this is of course AFTER it is properly paired like any other device) and press the record button for 2 seconds. The screen will change to a list of our FAVORITE contacts.

    4) Select one and hit ok. The aprrot says Rercord after the tine. When you are done you will see a bubble on that contact in the list.

    Nothing to it.. Excepot it will NOT work with those lil headsets.
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    Hey...thanks.! I'll have to try that out with my Motorola headset...
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    I dont think voice tags are supported at this time. Their are suppost to be supporting it soon like VoiceLancher by treoware.
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    I have a pre-production 650 and have had no luck setting up voice tags using the Parrot Drive Blue handsfree device. Everytime I try to set up the tags, the 650 reboots. Any guess if this is a Palm bluetooth issue or a Drive Blue issue?

    I've also noticed that when using the Drive Blue, about a minute or two into the call, my 650 reboots. I am using Biz Connect for email redirect. Any chance that would interfere?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $pre$ $pro$ $650$'$s$ $do$ $not$ $have$ $working$ $voice$ $tag$ $functionality$. $I$ $got$ $it$ $to$ $work$ $on$ $my$ $final$ $t650$, $but$ $the$ $same$ $steps$ $never$ $worked$ $on$ $my$ $prepro650$.
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    anyone get it to work with the 650 and the Jabra 250 that came free from palm? I've had no luck so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdeshur
    anyone get it to work with the 650 and the Jabra 250 that came free from palm? I've had no luck so far.
    Nope. Same problem as the original post--Treo docs say to initiate on the headset, Jabra 250 docs say to initiate on the phone. Neither one has a way to do it.

    So, are we totally out of luck until the Treo supports voice tags internally? Is that actually supposed to happen? What are the options in the meantime? Seems rather pointless to have a BT headset if I have to pull out my phone anyway to make a call...
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    So it seems we have all determined that the voice tags thing is an empty promise for the 650. The best available option on the ATT system is to sign up for voicedial so you only dial #121 and then everything else can be done from your phone. The software that came w/ my device (ATT Blue) also came w/ a trial version of voice recognition software so that is another option (assuming it works) as well.

    Good luck to us all

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