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    First Im sorry for my bad English.
    I buyed a Treo 90 (I have a Palm M515 , but I need a keyboard, and Palm will not built-in PDA with Cobalt until 2006. I dislike Tunsten C).
    Well I have a problem. I downloaded the PalmDesktop of the web of PalmOne but dont works fine, because the PC dont recognises the Treo 90, say that is a "stranger USB device".
    Well Im interesting in a PalmDesktop that gone in CD with the Treo 90. Would anyone to send to me, please? If anyone can send to me, please send a email and I reply with an addres email to send it.

    Thanks very much
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    Excuse me. This post is not in this category.

    Im sorry
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    I think you can no longer get another copy of the Treo 90 installation CD since palmOne no longer offer this products or any of its accessories in their online store. But you can download the HotSync software in their website. I think they offer the Palm Desktop version 4.0.1 as the latest for your Treo 90. Visit the link below:

    And if your planning to synchronize your Palm m515 to that desktop, it would be very risky. Your devices don't use the same desktop software, meaning they are incompatible. But you may try to synchronize your Palm m515. Just make sure you have those data backed up.
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