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    Has anyone else experienced problems trying to sync the 650 with the new sync software? I'm currently getting the reboot loop-of-death when I restore my apps from the 600. Trying to solve this, I specifically tell the sync software not to install any apps, as I plan to do that individually until I find the offending software. Well the sync program goes ahead and installs all the programs in the backup anyway, no matter what I tell it to do! Has anyone else experienced this and how do you work around it? Basically, how do you sync your contacts, calender, ect. without installing any apps. This should be easy but the obvious things aren't working for me. Thanks

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    I had a similar problem when I tried to upgrade. Since I had so many hacks on my 600, When I synced my 650 for the first time, I had a real mess on my hands.

    This is what I did. Goto the directory on your PC that houses your Palm files and rename your "backup" and "archive" directories to "backup.old" and "archive.old". This will then allow you to start "fresh" on your 650 and still have all your contacts, tasks and calendar entries. Then you can install apps manually as you see fit.
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    If you are using PDANet, then uninstall it. Other wise do a file search for a file called "hotsync.exe" and delete it. I has to say "hotsync.exe" exactly.

    Re-install from the CD and it will fix your problem. I had the same problem yesterday.

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