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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Eventually they will charge you. When I got a 600 replaced from Sprint, they never really told me to return the old one. I figured since it was busted I didn't have to. So I put it in a shoebox in my closet. 6 months later they called me and asked if I could send it back. 6 months! I did, and everyone was happy. I wouldn't count on a company to forget.
    I also had a phone replace by sprint, and they never told to send the old phone back, or even gave me any packaging to send the phone back in. I've had the phone for over 6 months know, and been through 2 other replacements "each of those I was given packaging to return the phone, which I did". I know people with regular sprint phone "like my wife", who had their broken phones replaced. Sprint said they didn't want or need the broken phones.

    Since then I have activated the broken treo on my account.
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    He may not have to pay... It just depends on the mistake. Like I bought two ReplayTVs and they were sent to me, then I got an email that said, I have a new tracking number. Sure I could have taken two free Replays, but I didn't want to get into all that.....on top of the fact that if they did find out, I didn't want to pay. But the company was freakin' brainless...they kept saying "no, you haven't received your's yet" I'm like "IT'S HOOKED UP AND RUNNING."

    Anyway, he said he canceled his credit technically it's not a authorized purchase. They may be able to send collectors after him...if they can prove he actually got it. But it could also slip through the cracks.

    And like Satan says "if someone's dumb enough to send you a free Treo 650, KEEP IT...God would"

    That was for all the Bible "Bangels" out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterEd
    That poor girl seems to have some kind of neurological problem. Her head keeps moving back and forth. Must be very tiring.
    Not any more tiring than that floating treo.
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    I sent the phone back, and two weeks later there was a charge on my credit card. When I called them back, I had to jump thru a lot of hoops to get the credit. Took about a month.

    I didn't even bother to activate the phone. I heard so many complaints, I didn't want to try it. I did use a friends for a day or so, and it does need a few cases of RAID! to get rid of all the bugs.

    I'll just have to be VERY patient and wait for 700 or 675 to come out.
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