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    After reading through pages of threads and looking at my own anger over this - I think a fair summary is that most people are upset at the 650 memory issue because of one basic fact:

    PalmOne ignored one of our most basic requirements for this upgrade - sufficient memory to use it now and during it's lifecycle.

    It was clear to anyone who truly utilizes these devices that the 600 was dancing on the edge of usability because of the small internal memory space compared to what many people paid that premium for it to do. Had PalmOne ever taken the 650 and given it to someone who regularly used and promoted a 600 and asked them to load their core apps and use it a few days? Obviously not - as the posts of memory problems came up on T|C the day the boxes arrived in user's hands. Free of charge, but too late, PalmOne has received the "market research" that they refused to heed the past year-and-a-half.

    Tough break. For us all.

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    I guess there aren't enough threads on the memory issue already? We need a brand new thread to beat the issue to death some more?
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    You don't think the engineers at Palm have and use Treo 600s? Yeah, I'm sure not one employee of Palm actually used their flagship product.
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    You're right JES7, guess my horror at this whole affair makes me unable to figure out what to do other than campaign to prevent it happening again and grudgingly call up Sprint for the RMAs. I'll shut up now and go to bed with my old reliable T600....
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    oops, I'm still up...

    #3- From the results of the Treo 650, do you think that the "engineers at PalmOne" that use T600's were listened to?

    That was supposed to be my point - PalmOne had plenty of users of the T600 available (1 million now?) to pull real-world data by trying out the same core applications they use in the Treo 600 everyday and see how they fit. Memory's a pretty basic requirement, even to "engineers." If they have engineers and others at PalmOne that used the 650 and were fine with 30-50% less memory, then PalmOne either:

    A) Hires people that hardly utilize their product and didn't notice the problem - like the bus drivers that drive their cars to work


    B) Hires people who truly use their products, but ignored or minimized some pretty major complaints that had to have been noticed before the plans went off to HTC ala "shut up, we're the Industry Leader, the Treo 600 sells like hotcakes, and we sign the checks."

    Working in the tech field, and seeing where Dilbert gets it's fuel, I will bet you the answer is closer to 'B'
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    Ok. So which model actually has more useable memory then? Treo 600 or Treo 650?
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    They both have roughly 23 MB available to the user, but because of the Nonvolatile file system on the t650, there ends up being less because small files take up a larger space
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    25-50% less depending on your particular usage. Seems like 30% for most users.
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    you know what? i think the treo 600 is the one you want if you need a lot of memory!!!

    what does everyone else think?

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