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    Wasn't aware of this little utility here:

    Might help with the 650's memory issue.
    I've personally managed to save 4.3MB on my Treo 600.

    Update: I've attached the prc file as some users seem to have a problem d/l it.
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    Yes! Being able to run Docs to Go off of the SD Card is going to be essential for many of us with the current 650 memory issues.

    Good post
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    Holy cow! This is great! I just went from 1.9MB free to 4.5Mb free and can't really tell a difference in the performance of Docs2Go (still synchs on hotsync, files open up fine, etc.). This made my day, thanks Rudychow!

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    at least this helps with one memory issue.
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    wow that's awesome!! i have so much more memory now!!!
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    How do you move it and how do you install it or other programs on the SD card directly???

    When I go to install a program (not just click a .prc but do an install) it seems to put the files in cue someplace and I can not control where they go!

    How can I find out WHAT is going into the treo during the install?? There is no longer an INSTALL TOOL which I can find.. The Quickinstall tool does NOT seem to show anything except what you click on... not things you do a full program install in.

    HELP... I must be missing something... how do you control what is scheduled to go into your Treo in a Sync!?

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    QuickInstall is the new install tool that Palm created.
    The old install tool still exists though. Check under "C:\Program Files\Palm\Palm Desktop\<your HSID>". There are 3 install folders - "CardInst", "Install" & "QuickInstall." The first 2 are the old install folders. Generally, when you install palm software via an exe installation, the files will be placed in either of these 2 folders.
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