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    What is everyone's opinion on which BT headset is functioning most efficiently..(clarity, battery life on single charge, ease of answering, ending calls, etc.)

    We seem to have several options... just wondering what was winning the BT war?

    Thanks for the opinions and info...
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    had them all.

    bluetrek the worst.

    Jabra was so-so...sound was good but people could not hear me as well.

    Moto810 looks slick, and was nice...but made for people with small heads/cheeks.

    Still looking for the best BT headset.

    I found the best wired one, but BT one is more elusive.
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    Does anyone know which profile to pair the Treo 650 and the Jabra 250 with (hands free or headset)? There seems to be two options when pairing the two devices. Thanks.


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